Taking into consideration the unprecedented scale, spread and speed of change brought about by digital technologies, and acknowledging that the current means and levels of international cooperation are unequal to that challenge, the UN Secretary-General convened an international high profile expert group (“High-Level Panel on ‎Digital Cooperation”, or HLPDC) to provide recommendations on how the international community could work together to optimize the use of digital technologies and mitigate the risks. The objective is to ensure a safe and inclusive digital future for all, taking into account relevant human rights standards.

This 20-person panel chaired by Jack Ma and Melinda Gates gathered the views and proposals of UN Member States, relevant industries, civil society and academia worldwide through a careful Multistakeholder consultation process. It gathered expertise from expert communities across the globe by participating in events, conferences and forums, as well as by calling for contributions from the general public via virtual hubs and online participation platforms. Two regional consultations were organized, in Asia and in Africa.

The Panel completed its deliberations and submitted its final report, including actionable recommendations, within a nine-month period. The report mapped trends in digital technologies, identified gaps and opportunities, and outlined proposals for strengthening international cooperation in the digital space.

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